NYCXR is a visionary storytelling and tech company – where conventional storytelling meets emergent technologies. We are trailblazers in the future of storytelling. Founded by multidisciplinary artist Alba Albanese (SleepNoMore) and mixed reality technologist Phil Olarte (ChalkNotes), NYCXR’s mission is to design, develop, and produce narrative-driven mixed reality (audio and digital 3D objects integrated into the real world) linked to real-world locations, events and products. Our current production, Emily Was Here XR, produced by Alba, Phil, and Nick Atkinson (SleepNoMore)is only the start of what NYCXR is capable of creating. This experience embraces history, classic American poetry, original story, theater, diversity and community, and elevates it all through interactive audio and visual augmented reality technology on a national landmark – the Brooklyn Bridge!

Upcoming Productions

World Premiere May 24th!

Emily Was Here

Emily Was Here is an XR Storytelling Experience. Guided in spirit by Emily Warren Roebling, you will venture across the world famous landmark, the Brooklyn Bridge, while engaging with original stories and discovering augmented reality surprises. Participate on your schedule and control the experience. 

Emily Was Here starts with an original love story in one direction and tales told by Emily Roebling on the way back mixed with poetry.

Coming Soon

Queen of Jacks

“…big blind, and burn.”
This Interactive XR Experience includes an Immersive Show, A series of discovered old  Films, and a Virtual Experience where you, the Guest, become the Detective in a mysterious Interactive Virtual Realm. 
High rollers, gamblers, and questionable characters meet at an underground casino in Brooklyn, New York, where rules, regulations, and redemption come at a high price. Giovanna Maria Caruso “Gia” inherits her father’s social club, JACKS. She returns to the neighborhood she left behind, and is forced to choose between honoring her estranged father’s legacy, or building her own new world. 

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This immersive XR play asks Guests to enter the minds and life of the women they visit. 
On Christmas morning, two missionaries from The Holy Light church visit the Dorm in Rikers Island, to bring the word of God, only to be taught a few lessons from the women they visit. 
Voices of women who are institutionalized because of addiction. 

Coming Soon

Home of Enchantments

“Fk’d up Ppl are Magical too!”
A Supernatural XR experience. Includes an Immersive Show, where you, the Guest, is the main character. A TV Series, and an Interactive Virtual Meta World. 

Home of Enchantments is a dark urban fantasy drama series set in the city of Rio de Janeiro, New Orleans and New York. In a world where Constantine meets City of God, we follow the journey of a medium, Annabellee das Almas, as she uncovers the secret of her supernatural lineage. She returns to her childhood home to investigate her mother’s mysterious death, and reunites with residents who have supernatural powers of their own.

Welcome to the Home of Enchantments, where what you see is never what you get and fucked up people are magical too.

Coming Soon


Van Gogh’s love
An XR Interactive Theatrical Experience 

In an open-ended interactive XR experience, Guests are invited to visit Sien in the home she shared with Van Gogh. Sien brings Vincent Van Gogh’s drawings to life through a series of interactive intimate performances, and XR experiences revealing Van Gogh’s personal letters and their love affair.

Sorrow is a drawing of Sien by Vincent van Gogh, produced in 1882.