Emily Was Here – an XR Storytelling Experience


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Go on this experience when you like – there is no start time, no box office. The Brooklyn Bridge is the venue.

One (1) ticket code per device. Redeem only on the ChalkNotes app.

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Our Journey, Our Bridge – an XR Storytelling Experience

What is an XR Storytelling Experience?

XR stands for eXtended Reality. You might have also heard it called mixed-reality or real-world metaverse. We merge digital and physical – bring the experience beyond the proscenium and use the real world as a stage.

In Emily Was Here, the Brooklyn Bridge is our stage.

Using your smartphone with the ChalkNotes app and a pair of headphones, participants are guided by Emily Warren Roebling, the woman responsible for guiding the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge.

Step by Step, Emily is with you along the way. She introduces you to a New York love story, a series of poems, and shares personal historic moments of her life, while watching the sunset over the New York City skyline.

The ChalkNotes AR experience is a mix of audio and visual experiences. Use the ChalkNotes app, audio directions, and your map to guide yourself through the story, from location to location on the Brooklyn Bridge. If an AR moment is present, you will see an icon to push to activate the camera on your app. Scan the area to reveal the AR artifacts.

While our characters aren’t physically with you on the Bridge, their voices and spirits are very much with you throughout your experience.

Sometimes you will be asked a question on how to proceed – enter your response on the app to choose your experience. For the best overall experience, use the text directions at each location to know if you should stop or continue walking while you listen.

BRING HEADPHONES & COMFORTABLE SHOES. If you bring wireless earbuds hold on to them, we are not responsible for them dropping and falling in a crack in the floorboards and into the East River. You will be walking for about an hour, so set a comfortable pace that is good for you, and rest on a bench if you like.

When you are on the Bridge, bring attention to your surroundings. Please be aware at all times. The Brooklyn Bridge is one of the busiest tourist attractions in New York City, so be aware of those around you.

Be one of the first to enjoy this original storytelling experience – it is your journey, your bridge – Emily Was Here

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